About Me

Just a nerd with a huge passion for music.

To put into simple terms...
I've been involved in music from an early age. My dad was doing mobile discos and small PA systems for bands when I was really young - myself and my brothers used to go along to help out and put on (terrible) light shows. I'm certain that's where my passion for music began.

Party in the Park 2018

Where am I now?

Work-wise, I am a full-time web developer working for Holidaymaker App Ltd. Alongside this, I've been a volunteer for AIR 107.2 since early 2013, I am still at the station taking the role of 'Head of Live Music' where I mix bands and acts playing live on the radio. I also mix bands and acts wherever I can!


Web Development

It's a bit of an odd story, when I was about 9 years old, I saw my brother making his own website which I thought was really cool. This was a game changer for me, the ability to create and share information across the globe started the fire of web development for me. Over the years I've worked on many of my own projects from small front-end solutions to fully integrated front and back end products. All-in-all I hold around 12 years experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS.

Sound Engineering & Equipment Hire

Kickstarted by my involvement in local radio, I started mixing live music for the station on their Hijack and High-Noon radio shows, after a year or so I became in touch with a hire company called Loud Audio based in the south-west which is owned by a good friend of mine. I've then gone on to mix various shows locally and assist with bigger products, whether it's stage tech duties, mixing monitors, mixing front of house or system rigging.

Server Management

The insides of machines and their working parts really intrigued me. The systems functionality is limited to your imagination - hardware dependant of course. My main expertise in systems and servers consist of the web-side of things which mainly includes VM setups, e-mail servers, file servers and web-servers. For more info on this, you can check out Digiavit.co.uk - a company that I own with my brother.


2019 - 2020The Front Live - Weymouth

Hired in by OT Event Technicians as an assistant audio engineer and stage technician.

14-15/12/2019Weymouth Victorian Christmas Fayre

Hired in by OT Event Technicians as a FOH, systems and monitor engineer.

23/08/2019Stage Tech - Reef

Hired in by Loud Audio as a stage tech for Reef.

15-17/08/2019Stage Tech - ArcTanGent Yohkai Stage

Hired in by Loud Audio as a stage tech for the ArcTanGent festival on the Yohkai Stage.

26-29/07/2019Weymouth & Portland Pride

General tech support along with mixing front of house & monitors for numerous acts on the main stage across the festival. Hired in by OT Event Technicians.

2019 - 2020Digiavit.co.uk - Director

Director and systems administrator for Digiavit Limited.

Since 2018Anonymous Festival

Providing line systems, console, microphones, monitors and mixing front of house & monitors.

Since 2018AIR 107.2 - Party in the Park

Providing line systems, console, microphones, monitors and mixing front of house & monitors.

2017 - 2020Collaborative Software Ltd. - Web Developer

Full-stack web developer for Collaborative Software Ltd.
Small bug fixes and brand new projects.

09/11/2016Stage Tech - Skindred

Hired in by Loud Audio as a stage tech for Skindred.

20/10/2016Stage Tech - Feeder

Hired in by Loud Audio as a stage tech for Feeder.

Since 2013AIR 107.2

Various roles at AIR 107.2 from tech-related roles to presenting.
I'm now the stations head of live music which includes mixing live bands and acts on the radio.

Sound / Equipment Hire

If you're looking for a hire solution, or a complete package, all events and occasions can be catered for.
All equipment can be dry hired or operated by myself and relevant insurance documents can be made available upon request.
Please feel free to send me a message using the contact form below.


I currently stock an Allen & Heath SQ6 console which is available to hire with stage boxes. I also have remote control systems allowing you to operate the console without being behind it.

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Microphones and Monitors

I stock various microphones, including plenty of Shure SM58s, Shure Beta 58As, Shure SM57s, Sennheiser e906 and many more. In monitor world, I stock Yamaha SM15V wedges.

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Everything within the hire stock is kept in exceptional working condition and my cables are no exception. I stock various lengths of XLR which have Neutrik connectors and use Vann Damme cabling. I also stock a 32 channel analogue splitter which allows use of a seperate monitoring console from the front of house.

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Web Development

So you got this far, there's a lot of sound and music related stuff here! For any web-related enquiries, or for more information about the web-side of my world. Head over to Digiavit.co.uk

Previously Recorded

A little place to showcase what I get up to and a place to showcase some of the brilliant acts I get to work with. Anything listed here is recorded live with no post production and is also published here with permission by the artist and/or relevant agents.

To listen, simply click on the track name.


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